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Areas of work

Our work is focused around supporting the self-organisation of four main groups (these are not mutually exclusive):
– Communities
– Workers
– Women
– Youth

Through ILRIG’s education programmes and research we aim to bring the experiences of working and poor people in other countries to Southern African organisations, and to draw on this information to inform the search for alternative policies. ILRIG’s objective is also to assist in the development of strong bonds of international solidarity between social movements and trade unions. ILRIG conducts its research in collaboration with organisations and networks internationally. We take this information to organisations by running education courses and training programmes, and producing popular publications.

Since 2002 ILRIG has convened an annual Globalisation School – a week-long event which draws activists from all over Africa and elsewhere to an occasion combining debate and learning and cultural events. In addition to publishing popular booklets on international issues, ILRIG also produces a quarterly newsletter called Workers World News.